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I've always been fond of computers, as early as I can remember. Even early back as the dial-up AOL internet era, They've always been an essential part of me. While I never coded, I was always pretty advanced and knew my way around a computer. From early computer classes, to self taught tricks and shortcuts, I never been shy of exploring the depths of a PC.
As far as career-wise I've been in the light/heavy industrial field, and don't partake in computers as much as I liked. I don't have an invested intrest in it, anymore. I've been doing it since I was 18 and I want to expand my horizions, essetially. Talk of computers seemed taboo to some of my co-workers, and understanding how to operate a computer is difficult enough. Coding seemed like literally learning a new language they weren't prepared to speak. I was. I have some history with annalytics and data enrty through an inventory job I've had for 3 years. It required data entry of various items that I personally moved or had someone confirm the quantity, brand ect. that they moved. I was always good with it and liked it. My co-workers didn't.
I was always good with the basic knowledge of knowing how to computer programming without actually getting into it. I've been learning for a bit and I've found what I feel to be, my calling. c++,html,css, and python are very easy to comprehend for me, and I want this website to put that on display while I continue learning and evolving myself into an experinced programmer.
I'm also into art and have a great eye for asthetics. I feel with learning how to code properly and my artistic edge, I can accomplish alot in this field, and I'm excited about the future as I transistion into the tech world ~~